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Rekindled Push for Black Rights in Philadelphia

Photo Editor: Sukhmani Kaur 

During 2020, I served as the Senior Photo Editor for The Daily Pennsylvanian and 34st Magazine. As racism was recently diagnosed a public health crisis by the American Medical Association, I strived to provide a supportive platform to marginalized communities. I formed a team of photographers to help cover and create photo stories showcasing the legacies of Black and Asian Americans affected by hate crimes in Philadelphia. From quarantine, I assisted with photo editing and contributed reporting and back-end live research on ongoing George Floyd protests in Philadelphia. I also led the social media coverage through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram live updates. When I returned to Philadelphia, I made images at several Walter Wallace Jr. protests honoring his life and urging for revisions in policy to uplift Black Americans. I also continued the live photo editing and post production in audience engagement packing through live updates as well.  

Stories I contributed photos, reporting, and photo editing 
Stories I contributed reporting and photo editing 
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