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The 2020 Pandemic-Altered Election in Philadelphia and its Tense Aftermath

Photo Editor: Sukhmani Kaur 

During 2020, I served as the Senior Photo Editor for The Daily Pennsylvanian and 34st Magazine. I managed a group of 50 photographers in both publications, connecting photographers from Penn's campus globally to delineate the effects of the pandemic in a tumultuous election cycle. All eyes were on The University of Pennsylvania as both presidential candidates had strong ties to the university. I was involved with the Election Guide projects through the creation and editing of the following photo essays in digital and print reporting and social media visual packages in collaboration with Design Editor Ava Cruz and Video Editor Sage Levine kept our audiences enlightened and connected. I co-lead Election Day coverage which turned into a week aftermath with the Sage Levine and facilitated teams of photographers and reporters with the News department. I managed the Daily Pennsylvanian Instagram and Twitter throughout to ensure outreach of our content to everyone. Photo essays and galleries presented below were written by me and photos were processed and edited by me as well. Photo content was checked and final edits for the Election Guide were also completed by me with first edits from my sub-specialized internal board of photo editors. For the New Hampshire primary photo story, I edited content and worked on layout with edits and sizing in the print issue with the design team. 



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